Need to complete the work with this pile of fabrics before I can start to make new stuff. It is a project which I committed 4 months ago. I have been working on it for 8 hours already, I hope to get it done by end of today.
Take a peek at my messy working place.


These are the new earrings I made in the past 2 days, feel free to let me know if you were interested in any of them. I have not decided whether to post it on Etsy because I want to keep enough stock for the upcoming event :)

Lovely ring for lovely people.

Something Blue
Something still WIP


I have a busy schedule ahead of me. Besides Little Penang Sunday Market (every last Sunday of the month), I have also signed up the Autocity New Year Countdown Streetparty (Dec 29th - Dec 31st) and Lake Plaza Bazaar (every first Sunday of the month). I have more opportunities to show my product now :) At the same time I also need to work hard to produce more items.
I have bought quite a number of new glass beads during my vacation in Singapore. Murano Glass Bead is my favourite currently. I have been busying to "turn" them into earrings, bracelet and ring... photos will be shown soon.


So this is my new product - wrist bag. She is suitable for any casual or formal occasion. Her medium size is just nice for a cellphone and a wallet. She is simple and elegant, especially made for you ;) Check it out at my Etsy shop
I like this calendar (the one looks like pencil drawing) which remind me that I also need a calendar, especially 2007 is coming, I would like to list down all my task list, my project and my plan. I can also paste my design, ideas and thoughts while I'm crafting. Previously, I only use the small calendar card given by my Ex-company and also the one in the Ms Outlook, I hardly have a calendar at home. It is the time for something different.


This few days I'm working very hard to sew the wrist bag, it is a new series. I prepare this for a consignment project. Photos will be posted soon. I like every piece that I made, so end up I keep 2 for myself :p


I have made this elegant and charm series (only 4 sets, white, blue, purple & pink). They are made with Swarovski Crystal and Swarovski Pearl. Will post it to Etsy once I figure out how to shot a good photo for the necklace.


I'm not a person can multi-task, I'm also not a person like to rush for the deadline especially for handicraft stuff. I know Christmas is coming, Sunday Market is coming, everyone keep on asking me for new product, new catalog but ...


I would like to share with you my excellence assistance and companion. She is also my birthday gift :)
Etsy is going through the V2 upgrade, eventhough the upgrade has completed but looks like they are still fighting with some bugs. There is nothing much I can do, while waiting for the website to become more stable (so that I can make some rearrangement to my shop with the new features from V2), I am creating more stuff and need to be ready for the upcoming Little Penang Sunday Market (Nov 26th).


more bags ... I continue to make more bags. I'm happy and enjoy sewing them :) More happier when people spot them and own them ;p
Too bad, Etsy is having some downtime for the upgrade over this weekend, I'm only able to post them after the upgrade. Appreciate your patient!


I would like to introduce you Miss Sweety, she is a simple and cute tote bag. I notice I like to sew this type of flowers, I will continue to make diff type of bags with Miss Sweety series... stay cool!
After the Oct Sunday Market, I also participate in the craft market at Lion Club Internation Convention. On the second day (which was held at PISA) there were hundreds over buses and thousands of people there. Business was good :)


I am getting ready for this coming Sunday Market (10/29), for those who are staying in Penang or coming to Penang, come and visit me at my stall ya!
Found this beautiful earrings/ring holder during my last trip to Claire Boutique store. Nice!


Here are the tote bags I sew recently, you may get it here


I am going through a big change in my career life. Do not have the mood to make anything at this moment... I hope everything will be settled soon and I can move on with the life I want ( I wish I know what I want too)


I am still in the oversea, will be home soon. I will have more time to do crafting work after this.


How about this? My very first magazine :) teng teng teng teng ......

I'm so happy to find these 2 magazines at MPH last week. By reading the magazine, I found new ideas, they have also introduce me to many many new blogs (all are handicraft lover). There are some pattens that I like at Cotton Friend but I only have time to try it out after Sept'06.

I have over estimated my capability, I thought I can make 3-4 tote bags a night (8pm-10:30pm : that is my handicraft time) and it end up I only manage to cut the fabric with real simple design (3 bags). I will try to sew them tonight, hopefully my sewing machine will co-orporate with me (it has been giving me some problem recently and I have no idea what's wrong with it).
Simple. Nowaday, everyone like simple things, want simple life, everything simple. That's why all the stuff that I've made have very simple design. :)


Too bad I'm going to miss this month Sunday Market. I will not be physically there but I product will still be because my sister will continue without me. Good! so I have to quickly complete some new product within this week. I plan to do 3 small tote bag, 2 keychain & 3 crochet mini basket. I will post the photos once they are ready.


Here are my zakka books, I feel happy when I flip through these books , even though I had read them for many many times and I just love them :) I will continue to buy. I am also looking for magazine such as Cotton Time, Cotton&Paint and etc ... too bad I could not find them in Penang, might need to get help from friends in KL (SOGO or Kinokuniya).


Sweet and cute, they help to cheers up my day
As promise, here are the photos... please welcome Miss Lola, my first Amigurumi which I follow a pattern found at Crafting Japanese . Instructions are very clear and easy to follow.


In fact I need time to craft the stuff that I like, not making jewelry most of the time. On the other hand, I need $ to sustain my interest. Dilemma huh!

Especially custom order, I found those are not what I "want" to do, because they are not my design, I need a balance here.

I'm not going to participate in the next Sunday Market (9/24) because I am not around. I hope I can have some changes in term of my product line in the Oct Sunday Market.
It has been quite a while since my last update but no update doesn't mean that I am not crafting ;p I have completed one shoulder bag, two cosmetic bags (sold one), 2 tissue holders (sold one) and of cause a number of new earrings and rings :) No photo has been taken yet, will try to do it this weekend. My camera has sent in for service will need to borrow my hubby's camera.
Oh ya! I have also finished my first Amigurumi and her name is Lola.
Photos are coming up soon.


I need to improve on my photo shooting skill especially for jewelry. If any of you have any good advice, I'm really appreciate.
I was busy with custom made order over the weekend and did not have time to do new stuff... I have bought some new frabic (silky type), I plan to do bags. I will definitely need to spare some time for bags this week.
New earrings, they are being reserved. I will still post it to my shop for anyone who will be interested in this design.


I called them Flying's featured necklace, plan to "launched" them during this month Sunday Market.


I managed to get some very nice Swarovski crystal over the weekend, they are suitable for earrings. Very nice... you may get them at Flying :)


Rest for a few days and now need to start to plan for the next month Sunday Market. I want to have new product, new design.... cracking my head


I am so exhausted that I decided to take a rest at home today. Overall it is a good experience, a good start and the right place to advertise my products and my online shop. I have registered for the next month event. So I am ON again :) Here are some of the photos to share :

Bags that I am selling ...

Photos for some of the stalls and activities at Little Penang Sunday Market ...


I am ON!
I will be setting up a stall at this Little Penang Street Market on this Sunday. Feel free to drop by if you happened to be in Penang on this Sunday.
Only got to know about this yesterday and I registered it this morning, very short notice. Now I need to stock up my handicraft, I will be very very busy for the next few days. Guess I need to apply annual leave so that I can make more stuff for the next few days .....
How do I feel? Worry, Excited, Looking forward.


These are the rings that I made, I do not have the chance to post all of them to my shop yet. Some of them already sold out. All of them are in same style, I just play around with the color. It is fun ! The olivine&yellow (second one in the first row) is the "hot" item currently. I think Green is the trend now.


My new ring, I like the color (Olivine) and the way they cut it.


Rose Quartz lanyard
A lot of ideas flow in, this is my new trial , will continue to make different style with this shell beads.My first pincushion, I belive practice will make it perfect ;p


Besides pendant and ring, I also turn those crystal into strap, can be used with handphone, key chain, purse, bag ....depends on how you want to transform the ordinary into awe-inspiring piece.

Discovered the new tear drop Swarovski crystal yesterday, I love them very much and bought a few. Have turned 2 pairs into earrings, every elegant look. They are on my shop now :)


I have a very strong feeling that I need to make a bag this weekend.
I like to buy nice fabric, I might not have any idea what I can do with them but by collecting them make me feel happy. Here are my collections...

I bought this fabric during my visit to India, it is coated with 18k gold (according to the seller)

These are the fabrics I just received yesterday from Jade (Japan)