My new Shoulder bag, it is made with the Japanese Kimono print on cotton. Very nice and sharp. Vintage look as well. Check it out at Flying.
A little gift I bought for myself :)

New fabrics added into my collection, they are 100% cotton from US, high quality and expensive :p

Plan to use them for dress, another project which I’m learning currently. I'm working on A-line skirt, hope I could finish it by this weekend.

Will share the photo.

Completed 1.5 yarns, there are 2.5 yarns to go. In fact the progress should be faster but I keep on redoing it. This is the 3rd trial. Why? As the first timer knit with 2 “sticks”, I made a lot of mistake, either mis-count or the knit is too tight or too loose. Not satisfy, redo, I even start to think on different design … but I know this is a challenge, it gives me a lesson on “Persistent” , I need finish this one before start to think on other and stay focus.

I read an article in Yoga Journal, knitting is a good meditation where you will pay full attention to the work and mind does not wonder around. Train your mind to be more focus and relax, get rid of all the worries and nonsense. I totally agreed.


It has been a while since my last update. I have slow down my pace a lot recently. It has came to December, the last month for the year. There are a lot to think, a lot to reflect and a lot to plan.
Still I manage to complete with these which I am very proud of ...

Yoga mat bag with very retro style fabic design. It is a very strong canvas. I found this fabric in early of this year (January I think). I like the color very much, it is bright and will cheer up your day, your yoga practice. Decided to called it "SunShine", would like to own one? check out at Flying

Vanilla is my first shoulder bag. It is made by a very nice and soft canvas. The inner lining is my another favorite Japanese cotton. Adorable.

Another Hobo bag but it is in Ivory this time, very bright and clean combination (Ivory + Apple Green), go green concept. I have added the handmade flower to match the inner lining fabric, it is a broach where you may remove it from the bag and put it on your dress.