MyTree #2
This is SeaGlass, very unique and valuable. I bought it from SeaFinder in Etsy. Yet to figure out what to do with them :)


New stock - new fabric. The last 2 pieces are a surprise as I don't expect I will get them. I have no clue what I'm going to do with them yet but I can't stop myself for buying them ... I believe this is one of the common problem we all shared.
These flowers are made of satin ribbon. Don't you think they are sweet? :)

These 2 tote bags were made on last Weekend. I'm very satisfied and happy when completed them. They are the only one and unique.

(those shell beads shine like the twinkle twinkle little star)

(idea got from environmental friendly concept, safe the tree safe the earth)


I have a long "To Do List" but yet I am so tire after work everyday and can't deliver a single item per day. There is a brooch I have been doing it for days (3 days) but yet still WIP... There are so many design jot down in my scrap book yet I have not turned them into product. I have to prepare for 4 events coming up in the end of August.... Life is meant to be Busy.


I've made these 5 new straps over the weekend, they are sweet and cute. Can use it to decorate your mobilephone, key chain or bags. All of them have a unique name :). Check it out at Flying#1 - Icy

#2 - Footprint

#3 - Dainty

#4 - Romance

#5 - Let's go


Hi There,
Don't forget our dating on this coming Sunday (7/29) at Little Penang Sunday Market (LPSM), yes it is the last Sunday for July. Time flies huh. You will find more new, unique and special stuffs at my stall. See ya!


Waiting for so long and finally I have my new products. All the new materials were found during my recent vacation. You may find some of them @ Flying

Shell Beads series
Wool Craft Felt Series
Metal (semi silver) series
Pearl Series


Balancing Dragonfly. Found this interesting "toy" during my vacation. Just let the tip of the mouth stop on any flat surface and it won't fall down, it is an art. From my research through internet, it is called Tonbo, hand-made by Japanese Artisans at the base of Mt Fuji, Japan.

Good for decoration especially for Christmas tree, plants or monitor. I have bought quite a number of them, feel free to leave me a meesage if you were interested to have some of them. I sell it at very cheap price.
Time flies and yesterday (6/24) was 1st anniversary for LPSM (Little Penang Sunday Market). I have been selling my handmade stuff over a year now. I met with some new talent over the last LPSM. They have inspired me, they help to bring me back to my dream ... I should not stop but continue to create more nice work.


I know I know I have been off for quite some time, and I will be off again next week ;p I want to thank you for those who continue to visit Flying Dairy. I was busy with my Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) in March, April and May... next week I am off for vacation (yupie!). I hope I will get more new ideas when I come back from vacation.

I manage to get some new earrings for the last Little Penang Sunday Market. I start to use stones, natural crystal and cloisonnes. Hope to give more varieties.


Glitter, Sparkling, Blaze, Glamour, Shine, Shimmer... what else to describe these, oh ya! Gorgeous. Want to have one? Check it out at Flying.
I also make one for myself and I wear it to work today. I notice people (guys and gals) can't help to stop their eyes on my hand **giggle**
This is limited edition as I don't plan to make many, it really hurt my fingers (thumb, index and middle fingers)

I made a few new tote bags over the weekend, more ideas in my mind, my draft book... I just need more time to turn them into real product. These bags are prepared for a consigment project.


My new design, everything is twisted by hand (+plier), including the hook as well. Aren't they special?
My pearl series ...
More for elegant earrings ...


Bag. The design for a bag can be very basic and simple. What make a bag looks special is the fabric, the material and the graphic on the fabric.


I'm very happy to get know Agnieszka and very impressed by her hand-made accessories. Check it out at . I want to learn............

Ok, I found the tutorial for it. It is called Tatting. Something new to me but it is interesting. I'm going to make my first tatting this weekend. Will share my first project once it is done. But too bad I do not have the shuttle (no idea where I could get it here), so I need to find an alternative for it.

3/7 - without the proper tool really is a problem to get things done.


Recently I made a lot of earrings and stop sewing bags....looking at the dust that collect on my sewing machine, I should start to sew new bags. That is where my main interest is.


I decided to use Flickr to organize all the items that I created so far. Check out the badge on the right pane. Feel so good when I realize that that I have made so many lovely stuff. I will continue to work hard and improve... Today is Friday, I can't wait to go home and lock myself in my little workshop ;p


Look at all these lovely earrings, all are made with Swarovski Crystal ...... I'm in progress to list them on Flying. Remember to check them out :)


It has been quite a while since my last post, I have been busy with my new job and a few bazaar activities. Probably I need to cut down the bazaars and stay focus. Most of the items sold in the bazaar before I manage to post them in Flying.... so sorry. I hardly repeat the products I'm making, so I need to have more ideas, more special materials, more times and more mood? I hava one consigment project start in March, I need to start the preparation, I plan to sell tote bag and pouch over there.


Happy New Year!!!

Finally the Autocity New Year Countdown event is over. I was exhuasted. The business was good and I have ran out of most of my material and stocks. I need to unlist some of the sold out items from Etsy, but the website is so slow, I am not able to login to my account. I'm not sure if this is due to the earthquake in Taiwan which has cut down some of the network. If any of you have ordered something which I had ran out of material, I'm so sorry that I have to cancel your order because some of the material I bought from oversea and I can't reorder them. I will try my best to unlist them as soon as I could. :)