Some Fabrics to let go

My fabrics collection has grown up to 3 containers, it is time to clear and let go some of them. Posted some at Flying, more will come. These fabrics are Japanese cotton, have been selected with care and love, all of them are my favourite.

Recently while spending time in making soap, I still keep up with handmade bag. Remember to check out the bags that just posted on Flying recently.
SunShine - a bright and colorful tote. She is big enough to carry books, magazines and papers

SlingBag in Green (Sold) - she is made with Japanese cotton and linen.

SlingBag in Rose - you will sure want to own this.
Tote in Polka Dots Olive - made with lovely polka dots fabric, this is a 4in1 bag, means you will have 4 different desgin in one bag, check out the pic.


Happy Woo Hoo

Wish everyone a healthy and prosperous Tiger Year


Interested in Handmade Soap? Welcome to Freedom Handmade Soap "自由手工皂". Feel free to drop by the blog and shop. Enjoy!


In the Corporate world, ReOrg is very common, it happens in every 3-6 months. Today I
decided to reorg "The Life of Flying", want to give her a new look. While reorganizing the blog, I was reading through all the old posts I had in the last 4 years, it brings back all the memories, crafters I met and all the items I had made/met. All are sweet memories :) I'm glad that I recorded all them in the blog. THANK YOU to all the people who supportted me, encouraged me and gave me the opportunities.