Glitter, Sparkling, Blaze, Glamour, Shine, Shimmer... what else to describe these, oh ya! Gorgeous. Want to have one? Check it out at Flying.
I also make one for myself and I wear it to work today. I notice people (guys and gals) can't help to stop their eyes on my hand **giggle**
This is limited edition as I don't plan to make many, it really hurt my fingers (thumb, index and middle fingers)

I made a few new tote bags over the weekend, more ideas in my mind, my draft book... I just need more time to turn them into real product. These bags are prepared for a consigment project.


My new design, everything is twisted by hand (+plier), including the hook as well. Aren't they special?
My pearl series ...
More for elegant earrings ...


Bag. The design for a bag can be very basic and simple. What make a bag looks special is the fabric, the material and the graphic on the fabric.