I bought a big packet of buttons from Bangkok last year, I will make any design as when the idea come. I decided to called this tote bag "NiuNiu", Niu means button in Chinese. NiuNiu means many buttons..... As you could see, all my bags are not repeat, as I made each of them with great passion. Enjoy browsing through Flying :)
Wah, a very productive week? No no no... some of them completed before my vacation, I only have time to post them today. :p

More Hobo Bag. This one is a very light, close to the color of sand. Very special and sweet - Hobo-In-Sand. Find out more at Flying.
Not sure if you notice, brown can go very well with green. I know this is a "brave" combination but I love the combination very much :) . They are my favourate fabric. Her name is HoboInChoco, you may find it at Flying .


I continue with Hobo bag over the weekend, I like this bag very much, it is big enough to carry everything you need. It is reversible and comes with 2 different design. Another everyday bag. Would like to own one? Check out at Flying .


Let me introduce you my new design, her name is Charlotte. She is made with very soft vinyl and the inner is lining with Japanese cotton. Her size is perfect for an everyday bag, big enough to hold all the necessary things modern women carry such as books, cosmetic, cellphone, purse, keys name it. It is reversible. Would like to own it? Check out more at Flying .
I have noticed this shop, Rose Garden for quite some time ago. I finally pay a visit to Rose Garden yesterday. It does not dissapoint me, it has a lot of lovely and good stuff, vintage and Victorian style, I love everything in the store from the cabinet to the phone, the clock, the door bell, the quilt .... you name it. I bought 2 stuffs and left the shop happily, I make a note that I will go back again :)

Here are the 2 items I bought from Rose Garden.

The little quilt is just nice to cover my sewing machine :)


3 sisters, arent' they are sweet and cute? The size is just nice for your h/phone, keys and coins purse. Will upload them to Flying this week. Remember to check them out ya!
These are my new collection - Japanese cotton.
A lot huh!
I love them so much and I'm working hard to make them into bags.... stay tune!


I try to do different bag besides tote bag. Here is my first Hobo bag (red). If you notice, most of my bags are made with "safe" color and this time I tried with sharp one (red). They are reversible and big enough for diaper bag. Both of them were sold last week during the LPSM.