福袋 (‘Fu Dai’)

Chinese New Year is around the corner, 5 more weeks. Guess everyone is busy with the preparation. Another Big Celebration

Would like to introduce this simple and back to the basic designed Tote bag – 福袋 (‘Fu Dai’)
The main is the Chinese character at the center – 福 means Good Luck (pronounce as ‘fu’). As you can see, the character is being sewn upside-down, means 福到 (Good Luck came). This is the wonderful of Chinese character.
The bag is made with unbleached cotton and I sew the edge with red thread, this helps to brighten the whole bag. It can be used to carry the mandarin oranges which you bring to visit your relatives during Chinese New Year (CNY). It also brings a very good meaning – you are bringing Gold (mandarin oranges) and Good Luck (福袋 – the bag) to your relatives and friends. Good stuff need to share with everyone.

Check out how to bring home the 福袋 at Flying

You can also find the 福 character only at Flying. You may use it for any purpose, be innovative. It is made in fabric, so can last for long(years).

Hope you enjoy!