I am so exhausted that I decided to take a rest at home today. Overall it is a good experience, a good start and the right place to advertise my products and my online shop. I have registered for the next month event. So I am ON again :) Here are some of the photos to share :

Bags that I am selling ...

Photos for some of the stalls and activities at Little Penang Sunday Market ...


I am ON!
I will be setting up a stall at this Little Penang Street Market on this Sunday. Feel free to drop by if you happened to be in Penang on this Sunday.
Only got to know about this yesterday and I registered it this morning, very short notice. Now I need to stock up my handicraft, I will be very very busy for the next few days. Guess I need to apply annual leave so that I can make more stuff for the next few days .....
How do I feel? Worry, Excited, Looking forward.


These are the rings that I made, I do not have the chance to post all of them to my shop yet. Some of them already sold out. All of them are in same style, I just play around with the color. It is fun ! The olivine&yellow (second one in the first row) is the "hot" item currently. I think Green is the trend now.


My new ring, I like the color (Olivine) and the way they cut it.


Rose Quartz lanyard
A lot of ideas flow in, this is my new trial , will continue to make different style with this shell beads.My first pincushion, I belive practice will make it perfect ;p


Besides pendant and ring, I also turn those crystal into strap, can be used with handphone, key chain, purse, bag ....depends on how you want to transform the ordinary into awe-inspiring piece.

Discovered the new tear drop Swarovski crystal yesterday, I love them very much and bought a few. Have turned 2 pairs into earrings, every elegant look. They are on my shop now :)


I have a very strong feeling that I need to make a bag this weekend.
I like to buy nice fabric, I might not have any idea what I can do with them but by collecting them make me feel happy. Here are my collections...

I bought this fabric during my visit to India, it is coated with 18k gold (according to the seller)

These are the fabrics I just received yesterday from Jade (Japan)


Here are some of the stuff I have crafted previously, some I have put them on my shop, some I decided to keep it for myself :)

My first embroidery work

His Birthday gift My hairpin basket & flower

My hairpins made with flower cotton cloth and Swaroski crystal

Elegant flower hairpin made by seed beads

small fruit jam bottle decorated with beads and wire, charm ring made by seed beads

Adorable tote bag (my favourate)

Lanyard with very nice glass beads

pendant made from green and clear seed beads

I would like to record all my experiences, feelings and anything related to the handicrafts that I've made.