New stock - new fabric. The last 2 pieces are a surprise as I don't expect I will get them. I have no clue what I'm going to do with them yet but I can't stop myself for buying them ... I believe this is one of the common problem we all shared.
These flowers are made of satin ribbon. Don't you think they are sweet? :)

These 2 tote bags were made on last Weekend. I'm very satisfied and happy when completed them. They are the only one and unique.

(those shell beads shine like the twinkle twinkle little star)

(idea got from environmental friendly concept, safe the tree safe the earth)


I have a long "To Do List" but yet I am so tire after work everyday and can't deliver a single item per day. There is a brooch I have been doing it for days (3 days) but yet still WIP... There are so many design jot down in my scrap book yet I have not turned them into product. I have to prepare for 4 events coming up in the end of August.... Life is meant to be Busy.


I've made these 5 new straps over the weekend, they are sweet and cute. Can use it to decorate your mobilephone, key chain or bags. All of them have a unique name :). Check it out at Flying#1 - Icy

#2 - Footprint

#3 - Dainty

#4 - Romance

#5 - Let's go