Balancing Dragonfly. Found this interesting "toy" during my vacation. Just let the tip of the mouth stop on any flat surface and it won't fall down, it is an art. From my research through internet, it is called Tonbo, hand-made by Japanese Artisans at the base of Mt Fuji, Japan.

Good for decoration especially for Christmas tree, plants or monitor. I have bought quite a number of them, feel free to leave me a meesage if you were interested to have some of them. I sell it at very cheap price.
Time flies and yesterday (6/24) was 1st anniversary for LPSM (Little Penang Sunday Market). I have been selling my handmade stuff over a year now. I met with some new talent over the last LPSM. They have inspired me, they help to bring me back to my dream ... I should not stop but continue to create more nice work.


I know I know I have been off for quite some time, and I will be off again next week ;p I want to thank you for those who continue to visit Flying Dairy. I was busy with my Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) in March, April and May... next week I am off for vacation (yupie!). I hope I will get more new ideas when I come back from vacation.

I manage to get some new earrings for the last Little Penang Sunday Market. I start to use stones, natural crystal and cloisonnes. Hope to give more varieties.