I am still in the oversea, will be home soon. I will have more time to do crafting work after this.


How about this? My very first magazine :) teng teng teng teng ......

I'm so happy to find these 2 magazines at MPH last week. By reading the magazine, I found new ideas, they have also introduce me to many many new blogs (all are handicraft lover). There are some pattens that I like at Cotton Friend but I only have time to try it out after Sept'06.

I have over estimated my capability, I thought I can make 3-4 tote bags a night (8pm-10:30pm : that is my handicraft time) and it end up I only manage to cut the fabric with real simple design (3 bags). I will try to sew them tonight, hopefully my sewing machine will co-orporate with me (it has been giving me some problem recently and I have no idea what's wrong with it).
Simple. Nowaday, everyone like simple things, want simple life, everything simple. That's why all the stuff that I've made have very simple design. :)


Too bad I'm going to miss this month Sunday Market. I will not be physically there but I product will still be because my sister will continue without me. Good! so I have to quickly complete some new product within this week. I plan to do 3 small tote bag, 2 keychain & 3 crochet mini basket. I will post the photos once they are ready.


Here are my zakka books, I feel happy when I flip through these books , even though I had read them for many many times and I just love them :) I will continue to buy. I am also looking for magazine such as Cotton Time, Cotton&Paint and etc ... too bad I could not find them in Penang, might need to get help from friends in KL (SOGO or Kinokuniya).


Sweet and cute, they help to cheers up my day
As promise, here are the photos... please welcome Miss Lola, my first Amigurumi which I follow a pattern found at Crafting Japanese . Instructions are very clear and easy to follow.


In fact I need time to craft the stuff that I like, not making jewelry most of the time. On the other hand, I need $ to sustain my interest. Dilemma huh!

Especially custom order, I found those are not what I "want" to do, because they are not my design, I need a balance here.

I'm not going to participate in the next Sunday Market (9/24) because I am not around. I hope I can have some changes in term of my product line in the Oct Sunday Market.
It has been quite a while since my last update but no update doesn't mean that I am not crafting ;p I have completed one shoulder bag, two cosmetic bags (sold one), 2 tissue holders (sold one) and of cause a number of new earrings and rings :) No photo has been taken yet, will try to do it this weekend. My camera has sent in for service will need to borrow my hubby's camera.
Oh ya! I have also finished my first Amigurumi and her name is Lola.
Photos are coming up soon.