Something which makes your Yoga practices more fun and colorful.

No-Brand yoga mat towel. For everyone who practice yoga, you would love to have one Yoga mat towel. Now is your best time to have one at the most reasonable price. The quality is as great as those branded. Check out more information at Flying .

Choco is 100% cotton with Big Tropical Leave printing. She has the most trending color combination : chocolate + skyblue.

SunShine is not new in Flying, she is returned due to high demand. Must not miss ;)


I have started the Soap Making since Sept. Still not "finding" time to post the progress. But I would like to say it is a true fun. I started to sell some of the soap at LPSM yesterday and the respond was very good. I have made 2 kinds of soap - Goat Milk and Carrot. I think I will continue with Goat Milk, as it is really a good soap. Still working on the nice packaging and photos.


Manage to finish 4 bags during this long holiday, these bags are reserved for the Charity sales in Nov. Need to start to build the stock now :)


Welcome my new machine, it is also my birthday gift from hubby. thank you!
This one has more function compare to the previous one and it is semi-auto as well. I love it.
I will use it to work on the bags for the upcoming charity event in Nov09. It arrives on the right timing.


Completed these cute and vintage key holders 2 months back, only manage to upload them into Flying now. Hope you enjoy it! It is the key holder which help you to keep your keys in stylist way.


Good bye to my machine, she has accompanied me for 3 years (July 2006), she had sewn many many bags (lost count). She is still in excellence condition, I sold her to a friend and I want to get an upgraded machine. I missed her.


Last week I decided to start with this new project. I love the color so much, very brave, sharp and bright. This is also the color my body needs the most (for my throat and third eye Chakra).
I have been slowing down a lot in my handmade since Feb. I usually juggle my weekend between Handmade and Yoga. In the last 2 months I was tied up with series of Yoga activities, from Kids yoga workshop to Twee Merrigan workshop then follow by 2 TPCs, at the same time making progress to recover from the detox. I wish I could have more time for my handmade and yoga. Looking forward to the day :)


Few months back, I attended a gathering where I saw a lady carry Charlotte. I was so happy, this is the first time I met my product after they were sold. Charlotte looks so special and pretty among the bags that other ladies carry. I did not introduce myself to this lady as it is not important, I can see that she likes the bag so much. This is the satisfaction for handmade.


I was so happy when I found this parcel at my doorstep today. After long waiting for 6 weeks, it finally arrived. I even started to pray for it since last week.

Christa is so thoughtful, she has put the fabric in the zip lock bag so that it won't get dirty/wet. Yesterday was raining heavily and the fabric was well protected :) She also have a short note for me as the first order was not arrived. Thank you Christa.

These are the 3 pieces of Amy Butler fabric I have ordered. I have been longing for AB fabric all this while and now I finally have them :) Will use them wisely. a blouse? a bag? a pouch? ....... so many things I can make. They will keep me busy for a while.


I'm so glad to see we have more and more Malaysian sellers on Etsy. When I started with Etsy, we have only 4 Malaysian sellers and the sales were poor. Looking at the newly start-up stores and doing so well. This tell us that, Online Shopping is "happening" in Malaysia.