Last week I decided to start with this new project. I love the color so much, very brave, sharp and bright. This is also the color my body needs the most (for my throat and third eye Chakra).
I have been slowing down a lot in my handmade since Feb. I usually juggle my weekend between Handmade and Yoga. In the last 2 months I was tied up with series of Yoga activities, from Kids yoga workshop to Twee Merrigan workshop then follow by 2 TPCs, at the same time making progress to recover from the detox. I wish I could have more time for my handmade and yoga. Looking forward to the day :)


Few months back, I attended a gathering where I saw a lady carry Charlotte. I was so happy, this is the first time I met my product after they were sold. Charlotte looks so special and pretty among the bags that other ladies carry. I did not introduce myself to this lady as it is not important, I can see that she likes the bag so much. This is the satisfaction for handmade.