I'm very happy to get know Agnieszka and very impressed by her hand-made accessories. Check it out at . I want to learn............

Ok, I found the tutorial for it. It is called Tatting. Something new to me but it is interesting. I'm going to make my first tatting this weekend. Will share my first project once it is done. But too bad I do not have the shuttle (no idea where I could get it here), so I need to find an alternative for it.

3/7 - without the proper tool really is a problem to get things done.


Recently I made a lot of earrings and stop sewing bags....looking at the dust that collect on my sewing machine, I should start to sew new bags. That is where my main interest is.


I decided to use Flickr to organize all the items that I created so far. Check out the badge on the right pane. Feel so good when I realize that that I have made so many lovely stuff. I will continue to work hard and improve... Today is Friday, I can't wait to go home and lock myself in my little workshop ;p


Look at all these lovely earrings, all are made with Swarovski Crystal ...... I'm in progress to list them on Flying. Remember to check them out :)