This few days I'm working very hard to sew the wrist bag, it is a new series. I prepare this for a consignment project. Photos will be posted soon. I like every piece that I made, so end up I keep 2 for myself :p


I have made this elegant and charm series (only 4 sets, white, blue, purple & pink). They are made with Swarovski Crystal and Swarovski Pearl. Will post it to Etsy once I figure out how to shot a good photo for the necklace.


I'm not a person can multi-task, I'm also not a person like to rush for the deadline especially for handicraft stuff. I know Christmas is coming, Sunday Market is coming, everyone keep on asking me for new product, new catalog but ...


I would like to share with you my excellence assistance and companion. She is also my birthday gift :)
Etsy is going through the V2 upgrade, eventhough the upgrade has completed but looks like they are still fighting with some bugs. There is nothing much I can do, while waiting for the website to become more stable (so that I can make some rearrangement to my shop with the new features from V2), I am creating more stuff and need to be ready for the upcoming Little Penang Sunday Market (Nov 26th).


more bags ... I continue to make more bags. I'm happy and enjoy sewing them :) More happier when people spot them and own them ;p
Too bad, Etsy is having some downtime for the upgrade over this weekend, I'm only able to post them after the upgrade. Appreciate your patient!


I would like to introduce you Miss Sweety, she is a simple and cute tote bag. I notice I like to sew this type of flowers, I will continue to make diff type of bags with Miss Sweety series... stay cool!
After the Oct Sunday Market, I also participate in the craft market at Lion Club Internation Convention. On the second day (which was held at PISA) there were hundreds over buses and thousands of people there. Business was good :)