Some Fabrics to let go

My fabrics collection has grown up to 3 containers, it is time to clear and let go some of them. Posted some at Flying, more will come. These fabrics are Japanese cotton, have been selected with care and love, all of them are my favourite.


Jia Ying said...

Hi, nice to meet you :-)
I like your blog a lot :-)
I like to do needle work, and I wish to buy a small sewing machine like the one you have. May I know what is the price range because I have no idea about it.

Have a nice day :-)


点点滴滴 said...

Hi Jia Ying, thank you and nice to meet you too :)
Yes, there is a wide range of sewing machine in market. If this is the first sewing machine you are going to own, I would suggest go for the most simple one will do, between RM500-RM800. Hope this help ya!

思真 said...

Hi,Stopped by~~~~~
I am doing zakka too~